For Suzanne, flowers aren’t just beautiful things that adorn her space but are part of her spiritual practice: “If you are not in awe of your day, look at a rose”, she says.

Symbolizing so much for Suzanne and her family, flowers ever highlight the special times and moments of their life. Flowers, for Suzanne, are a reminder to be in THIS moment and hold it as precious precisely because, like a flower, it is fleeting: “Flowers bring you back to what is beautiful even in times of uncertainty and negativity” says Suzanne.

Life inevitably has its challenges. We can find ourselves being dragged down by these difficult situations. It is during these times that finding moments of Joy help to buoy us through the waves of life. The challenge becomes “How do I find those moments of Joy.” Pause, reflect on those simple, little things that make you happy, and make you feel alive. For me it is sunrises and flowers that bring moments of joy.