Flower Stories: by Elle & Jean

Flower Stories: by Elle & Jean

"Ode to Elle" by Jean M Leen

There lives a young lass named Elle

Who pens stories by the sea to tell

When she writes about flowers

I could read them for hours

Now my gardens are inspired by Elle.  -jml

One Sunday two summers ago, I returned from blueberry picking to find a piece of folded lined paper on my front doorstep.  To my delight, I opened this charming story written by my young neighbor.  

"Mrs. Lean" by Elle Emery

Once upon a time there was somebody named Mrs. Lean. She had beautiful flowers. One day she was making her delicious whoopie pies when, she went to water her flowers and then, thats when she noticed that they grew to the sky! Mrs. Lean started to climb the biggest flower. It brought her to flower land. The king of flower land let her take some flowers. Now Mrs. Lean goes to flower land every day and gives him whoopie pies to thank him." 

Mrs. Lean Flower Story

Creative writing by Elle Emery; drawing by Christine Waniak. 

Now ten year-old Elle Emery is a Plattsburgh, NY resident who summers at Hampton Beach. She is a prolific writer when she is not just surfing and playing at the beach. Mostly she is adorable. 

Elle Emery

Elle on my front steps collecting her first royalty...whoopies pies!!


Many thanks to Jean for sharing this story with us via email! Do you have a flower story? Email us at info@cymbidiumfloral.com for a chance to be featured here.