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Flower Stories: "Find Your Joy" - by Lisa Berman

Flower Stories: "Find Your Joy" - by Lisa Berman

Life inevitably has its challenges. We can find ourselves being dragged down by these difficult situations. It is during these times that finding moments of Joy help to buoy us through the waves of life. The challenge becomes “How do I find those moments of Joy.” Pause, reflect on those simple, little things that make you happy, and make you feel alive. For me it is sunrises and flowers that bring moments of joy. Living on the seacoast has its perks. Many years ago, during a challenging time, with a very hectic work schedule, I carved out time to find peace, hope and joy. The winter of 2011 was the beginning of this quest; I started going to the beach on Saturday mornings. There I would photograph the sunrise, the beach and the beauty that surrounded me. Seven years later, I continue with this simple, hopeful routine. These mornings give me time to reflect and to appreciate the beauty around me, to beach comb and to be grateful for life’s many blessings. Joy was found. Sunrise continues to be the promise of a new day.



Another routine that brings me great joy is meandering through our local flower shop, Cymbidium, often on a Saturday morning. I have fond memories of my grandmother’s flower gardens, with lupine and peonies. There was her request to have us turn over her garden in preparation for the season of gardening. This was Easter Sunday while we were all in our finest clothes. The fields and woods of my childhood fostered the sense of adventure and appreciation of beauty. Gathering bouquets of wildflowers, some of which were considered weeds, I excitedly presented them to my mother bringing me a great sense of joy. She graciously accepted them, putting them in a vase on the kitchen table. I knew to leave the Lady Slippers alone as it was illegal to pick them. Those were admired and left to brighten the floor of the woods we wandered. Memories are rekindled with time spent admiring the flowers in our local flower shop. The scent of the hyacinth, the plush peonies, and the simplicity of the tulips capture my attention. I am drawn to photograph that which catches my eye. This brief moment of relishing the beauty that surrounds is another way for me to fine my joy. Sometimes joy is the choosing just the right flower or flowers for someone, or on occasion flowers for me, thanks to a gentle nudge from my hubby. Joy can also be found in breathing in the smells, enjoying the varieties and colors or simply snapping a picture or two. I encourage you to thinks about the simple, delightful routines you can create to find your joy. What will it be?




Lisa Berman is an Intensive Care Coordinator and Certified Life Coach. Her pictures of the beach, flowers and inspirational pieces can be found at Saturday_Sunrise on Instagram, Saturday Sunrise on Facebook and Lisa Berman Life Coach on Facebook.

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Linda Lemaire

Nice article combining flowers 💐 and sunrises 🌅. Something we can pause to enjoy.

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