Cheerful palettes. Seasonal blooms. Our flower arrangements are individually designed with loving care, and no two are exactly alike. We will fill your order based on the size you’ve chosen, using the selection of flowers we have in the shop that day. Photos are examples only. 

Please note: Tall arrangements and our long + low style are only available in the large price points. 

Small | Compact and charming. Perfect for a bedside table or small desk. Overall size approximately 6″ tall x 6″ wide.

Medium | Our most popular offering. Ideal for a centerpiece or office. Overall size approximately 8″ tall x 8″ wide. 

Large | A stunning selection of unique blooms that are sure to impress. A striking option for  any occasion. Overall size approximately 10″ tall x 10″ wide or more.

Tall | Lush and artistic. A dramatic statement for your Valentine. Overall size approximately 16" or more in height.

Long + Low | A popular centerpiece option, designed to create a statement when entertaining. Overall size approximately 8" tall x 14" wide or more.

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Make it extra special...

Black Dinah hand crafted fair-trade chocolate bars made in Maine available at cymbidium floral.

Black Dinah Chocolate Bar

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Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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Scented Candle

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